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^_ zo2q;[N"G 回合:第7站/全年8站[/b]qg&v9D"Jo qd

;o9^E+H@}V 2010年度的中國房車錦標賽(CTCC)在經歷了雨戰、沙站、首次街道賽的挑戰過後終於迎來了在上海國際賽車場(SIC)舉辦的第七站比賽。各車隊的技術團隊已陸續抵達SIC進行勘察和調校。長安福特車隊即成功問鼎北京站冠軍後也是馬不停蹄的趕往SIC為此站比賽做準備,這一站將是長安福特車隊衛冕年度冠軍的重要一步。
/\&l6@S,{ 目前長安福特車隊以27分領跑積分榜,是年度總冠軍的最有利爭奪者。車手桂冠也向長安福特車隊的選手敞開大門:經過六站的拼搏,曹宏煒與江騰一僅分別落後頭車3分和5分;上一站中由於戰車發生故障而落後比賽的甄卓偉現差距頭車13分,依然有希望闖入前三甲;車隊的另一位選手何曉樂,雖然積分暫時偏後,但其表示無論如何仍會奮力直追,爭取站上頒獎台。
V*i%w+]q,Yl 較鄂爾多斯的新賽道和北京的臨時街道而言,SIC是車手們比較了解和熟悉的,CTCC多次在此舉辦比賽。長安福特車隊經理凌紹章表示:「上賽相較於前幾站沒有太大困難,對於大會決定採用的短賽道(2.46公里)我們也有去年調試的數據可供參考,這幾天我們已經初步做了些調校,等星期三的試車之後我們會再出台一套調校方案。我們團隊的所有人員都將不遺餘力的為拿下本年度冠軍而努力。」I3c-V5J~VI
|S yPf-d F.D$}
在被問及此站的目標時,車隊選手江騰一說道:「於我個人而言當然是想拿下年度冠軍車手,不過比賽這回事不好說,賽車運動講求團隊的整體協作和配合。上一站我由於加重影響了速度落到積分榜第四,這一站前三名加重對我來說無疑是個優勢,我會好好把握。」Z z)`5\ `/D
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~~KQC HR N^X`)?
[b][color=Blue][size=5]CTCC R7 Preview: Changan Ford Racing Team aiming for success this weekend[/size][/color][/b]
A KL j:k*d(z%?
a8i&F8ywLc*D [b]Date: October 23rd-24th, 2010E*Q2Xq K+^,|#?3J*c
Location: Shanghai International Circuit (SIC)
-v$j.k8h(~"Y/r)h Q { Round: 7th/8 rounds[/b]|*~E,k3Q2b hA A
0U4H*Z,e'Q @,u3G
After six fierce battles around the country, the CTCC finally comes to the famous Shanghai International Circuit (SIC) to hold its 7th race starting on October 23rd and 24th. Changan Ford Racing Team arrived travelled to Shanghai immediately after the Beijing round trying to prepare what could be the most important race of the season.Vf7y/^7~
Changan Ford racing team is leading the Manufacturer championship by 27 points and it is quite possible to win the team title two years in a row. Three of its drivers are either in the run of the drivers title or still mathematically possible to win it.
"v3pJC"~&Z| NP*C `
0}2d(sY aU v After six rounds and with two rounds to go, Martin Cao and Jiang Teng Yi are only 3 and 5 points behind the leader respectively. Andy Yan is 13 points behind the leader. Rainey He, although is already out of the running, expresses he will try his best to take a place on the podium this weekend.H{p L B

ZMo"IyS4E The drivers are quite familiar with the track of SIC comparing with the OIC and Beijing Olympic street circuit. John Ling, Changan Ford Racing Team manager, comments:“We’re not strangers to this track and have already accumulated some good solid data from previous races. Our team should be able to come up with a good basic set-up for Wednesday's practice. We’re leading the points table presently but the team will spare no effort to take the title.”
QF)s^7S,G1e~ a0eNV !W;t2O"k^d
Jiang Teng Yi said: “For myself, doubtlessly I want to make a run for the drivers title but motor racing is a team sports that needs all the team members’ cooperation. I fell behind due to the extra weight in Beijing but I will seize the chance to fight back while the other drivers are adding weight.”
P,Nm N+Trt-r?x5q u]6G%Ml_3~L6CK
Paul Hui, Program Director of the Changan Ford Program, expressed the expectations for the team ; “For this week, I expect the drivers and all the team members to keep up the good work, make constant improvement, and conduct themselves according to the standard that establishes us as the best team in China.”

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