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CTCC 中國房車錦標賽第六站決賽戰報:長安福特稱霸街道賽
0 a6 ~( O/ G& U2 y# c日期:2010/10/10
8 T( ~. m6 w" q3 s+ ]& K! g8 P& u場地:北京奧林匹克水上公園
% v- ?* I# I: ^" \* I+ j/ e9 m2 A回合:第6回合/全年8回合
8 b5 f3 c" K$ B! ~; m+ p' e

0 u0 k+ N3 f3 J. k一如長安福特車隊賽前部署所預測的一樣,在CTCC北京街道賽取勝的關鍵,毫無疑問就是排位賽的成績。杆位出發的小將曹宏煒最後成功頂住了勁敵何漢強全場鍥而不捨的進攻,順利為長安福特搶下本賽季的第五場胜利,廠商杯衛冕形勢一片大好。( ^, {8 ^, y) f6 j1 Q0 d9 Z" G
( I! ^& k# s# s/ B7 Z) W- ^- l1 {
除了起伏不大外,北京奧林匹克水上運動公園的臨時賽道幾乎集合了狹窄、多彎、易守難攻等凶險要素,對賽車操控、車手心態都是種極限的煎熬,而且意外造成的賽車損傷很可能將影響到兩週後的上海站,因此積分榜前列的車手大部分都是保守對待該站比賽。然而小將曹宏煒的方程式和街道賽經驗卻大大幫助他更快適應了這條賽道,因此他也成為所有車手中最放得開的一個,無論是練習賽還是正賽,都始終能保持著衝刺狀態。「這其實是我的第五場街道賽了,我覺得我心態上已經沒什麼問題了,今天的困難主要來自於身後的何漢強。」7 D! C  q8 r& F4 a
( n8 l# R% p. }/ `* \
華揚車隊的何漢強向來以敢拼的作風著稱,在曹宏煒身後發車的他在正賽中始終保持著對前者的壓力。 「福克斯賽車在中高速彎和組合彎中充分發揮了操控精準的特性,但在直路尾端和慢速彎則是適合華揚賽車發揮的地方,我和何漢強每圈都是打成平手,他超不了,我也拉不開,但他始終貼得很近,我絲毫沒有犯錯的餘地,還要把賽車推向極限,要知道他最擅長的就是抓住對手失誤的機會反超的。」曹宏煒賽后仍感覺非常緊張,「街道賽本來就要特別集中,我還要應對如此強大的對手,精神消耗很大。幸好,我還是頂住壓力了,最後奪冠,是非常好的結局,我太期待這站勝利了。」而曹宏煒的隊友江騰一也有出色發揮,他成功堵住了其他對手的強攻,為曹宏煒分擔了很多壓力,並以第四名的成績完賽。
8 V/ ]" y6 e: A
5 {  v( V; u, p1 b& q憑藉著旗下車手和福克斯賽車的穩定表現,長安福特車隊也順利擊敗所有對手,繼上一站後再奪廠商杯冠軍,廠商杯年度積分榜上的領先優勢進一步擴大,衛冕前路坦途一片。兩週的上海站,將成為長安福特車隊衛冕計劃的最重要一步,勝利,就意味著提前奪下年度冠軍。讓我們一起等待這歷史性的一刻吧!

2010-10-11 09:48
* ~2 R4 H& E. j/ n0 d% ^/ ?. m# v
8 _: e9 B9 a; s+ |8 @- U7 h# R, K  x0 k& d, M. A
2010-10-11 09:49
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0 G, `+ ]( I, Y8 E( ?7 {3 a% z
. |7 N; [) k; x2 D2 X% H3 a
2010-10-11 09:49

0 k( K; F8 j8 ^! R) K曹宏煒拿獎
: Y3 _$ ?9 O4 z/ \+ R5 j2 ~
% p# d( p! ~$ L4 p5 j
2010-10-11 09:49
1 N$ w3 A! ~8 s2 F5 c3 `


- [; G) p' L0 f2 f! W$ y4 I
1 `# w) h# d# P' z: u; u7 l0 B1 vCTCC 6th race: Changan Ford racing team dominates the street competition.
( @9 e, Z' j* W. s) j5 G4 ^Date: October 10, 2010' N) [# X( x$ H. T' _$ j9 W
Location: Beijing International Street Circuit
' r' x$ b! l- z0 s! \$ WRound: R6/8 races
; e4 j  j8 z( K1 X; ]
1 P3 L( Z: s: q, A: g: w# y
As expected, qualifying result is the key factor of the Sunday race. Basically all the cars in the top group finished the race according to the qualifying position. Pole sitter Martin Cao of Changan Ford Racing Team scored his third win of the season after a tough battle with Michel Ho of Hua Yang Honda Racing Team. Tengyi Jiang finished the race in fourth position, contributing five points and Changan Ford Racing Team takes home the fifth team win of the season.5 N$ U) O, T2 o+ J+ o0 c7 j
: P* B& s7 v$ [1 @1 {
Beijing’s new track is a temporary marked up one utilizing the original “street” inside the Olympic Water Park facility. Consequently, the drivers have to face the typical elements that make a street circuit unique. Combining with the fact that there is another big race coming up in two weeks in the Shanghai International F1 circuit, conservativeness and defense seem to be the norm of the weekend. , P1 ^! ]: q7 }" }& {

' Z/ K% f7 X1 S/ uA small incident happened to the Changan Ford Team when all the cars started pulling onto the starting grid. Andy Yan’s steering system hydraulic hose busted and the fluid ignited after spraying on the hot exhaust. Flame came up from under the hood for a short moment. The team mechanics pushed the car back to the pit lane area and managed to fixed the problem quickly. Andy rejoined the race but he already lost four laps.
1 e3 r, ]7 a+ Y3 W  G, u7 ?3 J5 B( T, ~# V* [0 E! l7 T
The race used the rolling start format and Martin immediately made very fast time trying to gain some room between himself and the Honda behind him. Michael Ho, who has a lot of experience with the Macau street circuit, was trying hard to keep pace. With possible yellow flag in mind and difficult of passing, the team’s instruction to Martin basically was to adjust his pace and maintain this gap and not to push for larger lead.% ^; J8 y8 G. X. `! R9 f

7 q0 i6 h8 v- ^( XThe experience gained from both formula and street race helps Martin a lot today, “this is my fifth street competition so actually I was very relax. So instead of focusing on dealing with the track, the most challenging mission today is to maintain a balance between keeping a comfortable gap with the cars behind me and not to take unnecessary risk in pushing too hard.”2 R# h/ b/ b6 p$ c
( f6 D" H% P2 K7 u
“The perfect handling and set up of the Focus race car gives me full advantage of accurate control. Michel did a great job pushing aggressively behind me and actually I was not able to break away too much from him. I think I did a remarkable job defending my lead and resisted Michel’s pressure finally.” Michel Ho got on the second step of the podium while Lo Ka Chun of KIA 778 racing team captured 3rd.
' x$ A) K# z. q5 r5 v7 y8 B' ?9 m. m2 R1 l
Tengyi Jiang, Martin’s teammate, was carrying 100kg weight as a result of his win in Ordos two weeks ago, finished the race in fourth position and gained important five points for the team and also fulfilled his assignment of preventing the second group from moving up to challenge the front group.1 y* [- x. n- X8 j# Z+ a/ K

; H0 C# Y& W5 V8 Q8 ]$ fAndy Yan commented after the race “Although I lost four laps in the pit but I had to go back out there to show off my Ford logo and demonstrate to everyone the sporting spirit and team effort that we all feel so proud of.”) h! T$ ^+ \5 _% D
+ ^$ A7 |1 k/ A. M& S, m
With this great team effort, the Changan Ford Racing Team moves another huge step closer to the 2010 Manufacturer Cup title. The Shanghai event in two weeks time could be the biggest race for the team this season. But as the old saying goes; it is not finished until it is finished so the team is humbly packing the equipment and travel to Shanghai Monday to prepare for the race.